What customers are saying about the Air Shammee


Auto Spa"I recently installed 3 Air Shammees in a customers car wash. The moment I finished the install and moved the ladder, the next person in the bay used the dryer. The next day I ordered 6 more Air Shammees for my car wash. On the first Saturday after installation 60% of my customers used the dryer. It kept them using the bay for a least two more minutes. Word of mouth has now spread and new customers are coming to my car wash to see and use Auto Spa the new dryers. The customers dry the car, the mats and even blow out the inside of the vehicles. I just ordered six more dryers for an installation at another self service wash.


Mark Feldman, C.W.U. INC.


Auto Spa“We have three sites with Air Shammees in them.  We started with one dryer at a site with four self serve bays and one automatic. With the hour meter on the machine we tracked usage for about twenty weeks.  We averaged about 2.25 hours per week!  At our prices that worked out to be about $50 per week. Since Auto Spa then we opened another new site in which we added one at start up and it's doing well so far.  At the original site we have started getting people lining up to use the one bay that we have the dryer in!  So we added another to the next bay over.  With some competition at our other site we decided to add two machines as a great feature the other guy does not have.  The reception has been good so far.  The Harley guys love it… no more riding home with a wet seat!”
Jeff Adams, Auto Spa



“We have substantially increased the time our customers spend in our self service bay  since we installed the Air Shammee System. Whenever we check the bay for the last service  used, the higher percentage is the Air Shammee function. I have now ordered the Air Shammee  Systems for the rest of our self service bays.
Jack Stapleton, Splash Car Wash

Splash Car Wash


Auto Spa"The bay that we installed the Air Shammee in has been our lowest use bay. We have been pleased with the increase we've had and find most customers have been pleasantly surprised to be able to dry their vehicle right after washing, without having to move their vehicle. We have a wide variety of individuals using the dryer for their floor mats, motorcycles, cars & pick ups. We plan to add additional dryers in the coming months. I have seen the use grow to more and more each day. I think we will be able to say that the increase will be more substantial in the coming months." Bryan, Champion Car & Truck Wash Auto Spa

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