We were the first to bring you the concept of in-bay drying with the Air Shammee!

The Air Shammee is an in-bay, hand-held, touchless vehicle dryer that allows customers to blow-dry their vehicles or motorcycles spot-free. Diskin Systems, Inc. began developing the concept of blow-drying vehicles about 8 years ago. Since then, we have made many modifications to our drying systems known as the Air Shammee. Operators are reporting the Air Shammee is the THIRD most profitable function on the selector switch. They are also excited that revenues increase from customers who wash their motorcycles in the bays. Profitable operators are always looking to increase revenues by offering customers more functions and setting themselves apart from competitors. Diskin Systems is continuously trying to improve and creating the most advanced hand-held touchless dryers in the industry. Diskin Systems, Inc. is dedicated to increase the car wash owner’s profitability.

We have always thought that drying a car should be an important part of the self-service car wash. When we were developing the dryer, we knew that people don’t want anything touching or getting close enough to risk bumping their cars. We developed the trigger to give the operator full control at all times, and so the operator could dry the entire vehicle, no matter what type or size. Then we developed a fan/knife effect, in case the operator wanted that type of performance. Paper and cloth towels served the purpose for the most part, but we felt we could offer more.

When we designed the unit, we wanted to make sure that we could tie everything into the self-serve bay, so people could use it by just turning the rotary switch during part of the time purchased in the bay. Electrical consumption does not increase because the high-pressure pump doesn’t run when the dryers are being used. Most importantly, when customers turn the selector switch to “Air Dry,” the motors start running immediately, so the customers get instant gratification, and they know that the unit is working. The air only moves through the gun when customers pull the trigger. When the trigger is not being used, the air is released through a relief valve. This takes all the pressure off the trigger.

There are no electrical switches involved because they don’t work long in wet environments, and people can be harmed by them if they are disconnected. The unit in the bay has an attractively lit dome that the customer can see immediately. If noise is an issue, you can put the unit in the attic. The unit comes supplied complete, Air Shammee, Diskin Boom, Bay Sign, Trigger Holder, and 6-Meter Decals. A banner is available at additional cost, which is highly recommended. You can either put the banner out by the road or on the front of the wash.

Now the big questions: Is it used? Does it make money?

It is as popular as the foam brush was when it was first introduced. Customers love the ability to dry their vehicles in the bay. Feedback that we get is that about 80% of the customers use them and buy more time at the wash. Not all customers spend the time to completely dry the vehicle, but many use it to get most water off their cars and out of hard-to-dry places.

Does it hurt the towel sales and are loss of revenue from the towel sales a concern?

Towels can cost you anywhere from $0.25 to $1.00, but the electrical cost for the dryer is pennies per use. So you do not lose. Some people prefer the towels no matter what you offer them. Towel sales seem to go up, why, more customers are using the dryer in the bay and using the towels for “fine detailing” when they are finished with the Air Shammee.

What about return on investment?

According to numbers from our operators, the units pay for themselves between 10 and 18 months, depending on location and promotion. More importantly, you would be offering a complete wash and dry for the self-service car wash customer. Like anything new in the wash, you have to promote it, and show customers how to use it.

Should I consider this equipment?

In our opinion, the question is not if you are going to install these units in your bays, but when. Remember, in the self-service market, we are selling time. Best to be first than second in the marketplace!

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