Air Shammee


These units mount inside your bay or in the attic. They are the THIRD most profitable feature on the selector switch. Every self-serve car wash bay should have one, or the car wash owner is losing money.

ASHWALL mounts inside the bay and includes a colored dome. ASHATTIC mounts inside the attic no dome included.


  • 3 horsepower motor
  • 14 gauge polished stainless nozzle holder
  • Lighted dome available in any color


  • 110 volt 40amp service
  • (1) 40 amp breakers per unit or (3) 15 amp breaker per unit
  • 220 volt available – 25 amp
  • 2 inch diameter poly hose
  • 24 volt signal from selector switch to turn relays on

Comes complete with 12″ x 18″ in bay “Instructions for use” sign, selector switch decals (5 different shapes & sizes) and dome sticker. A (2′ x 6′) full color banner is an available option.

Product Video

Air Shammee Video

Product Brochure

Informative full color brochure

Air Shammee Manual In-Bay Wall 110v

Air Shammee Manual In-Bay Wall 220v

Air Shammee Manual Attic 110v

Air Shammee Manual Attic 220v

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